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ACT Cape Town Short Courses Offered 2021-2022

ACT Cape Town Short Courses Offered 2021-2022

ACT Cape Town Online Application
ACT Cape Town Online Application

How to Apply to ACT Cape Town:

To apply to ACT Cape Town, candidates need to fill out the ACT Cape Town Application Form and submit
a number of supporting documents:

Before you proceed to application, Click on the links Below for information:


Click here to download the Application Form


The Actor & The Self

Understanding the self is fundamental to authentic performance, building confidence and connecting to truth. The Actor & The Self enables the actor to develop the tools required to deliver believable performances on screen and stage.


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Coaches incorporate cutting edge techniques and established methods, including those of Stanislavski, Uta Hagan, Stella Adler, Strasberg and Sandford Meisner to help the actor build a solid acting foundation.

The course culminates in the performance of a dynamic scene and monologue.

Finding Emotional Truth

The development of the emotional self is the key to unlocking truthful performance. Knowing how we are shaped by our life experiences and understanding their role in our psychological development, enables the actor to harness emotional truth and deliver dynamic performances, both on screen and stage.

Defining pivotal moments in the actor’s life, unpacking and owning these, help to further break down blocks to honesty in performance. Using techniques and exercises developed by Stanislavski, Michael Chekhov and other master practitioners, this course allows students to explore, develop and deepen their understanding of emotion, character and performance.

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The course culminates in the performance of an emotionally charged monologue.

Acting for Camera

In our Acting for Camera course, students develop the specific tools required to deliver a winning on-camera performance, as well as the essential techniques needed for auditioning in film and television.

The course culminates in the filmed performance of a scene.

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